Ride it out

December is always a killer for me.  So much shit goes down in December and while I always try to prepare for it ahead of time, somehow it always gets me.

I'd list all the reasons why December is hard for me but I'm sure anyone who is reading this could just change a few names, places, illnesses, issues, commitments, kids and say, "Yep! That's me too!"  So I'll spare you the sob story.

What I will say is that December is taking a toll on me.  I'm frazzled. I seem to be tired from the minute I wake up in the morning to the second I fall into bed at night.  My nose has been stuffed up for days, my eyes ache and most of the time all I want is sleep.

I keep having to let things go in order to survive.  First thing to go was the housework - which really never serves me well because a messy house always makes me even more on edge. I really need my house to be in order for me to function well.  But I'm just getting the bare minimum done lately.  Of course I could get the house all shined up after the kids go to bed at night, if I wasn't so tired and sketched out at that point that I do little more than curl up in the fetal position and rock myself back and forth while staring at the wall.

I'm definitely not eating as well as I would like because I don't have the strength/energy/wherewithal to do what's right all the time.  I still eat three square paleo meals a day (usually) but damn if I haven't slid down the slippery slope that is my mother's Christmas *baking.  And damn if I haven't enjoyed the appies and **drank the beer.  And that day we had ***East Indian buffet for lunch... Always seems like a good idea at the time but I can really, really feel how food containing wheat, sugar and alcohol affect me in negative ways.  I feel different physically and emotionally.  It's probably a big culprit of my low energy levels as well. I have this "sense" that I've maybe gained a bit of weight (even though I don't have any solid proof of it).  Maybe it's a bit of inflammation from the wheat/sugar/alcohol, maybe I have put on a couple pounds - whatever, we all know that isn't a very comforting feeling.

Also?  Little to no exercise.  I've ran twice in December.  I think I've written about how the lack of exercise affects me so negatively no less than twenty times on this blog so I won't take you don't that road again now. I'm not an excuse maker but there has been literally no time.

The thing about all of this is? It's December and it's the season.  There's no way I'm going to be able to rectify anything for the remainder of the month.  I have a lovely family who is very excited about Christmas (as am I) and I am just going to ride this thing out and soak all the bits of enjoyment I can out of it, while hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

Oh and January? I'm coming for you.

**Managed to avoid the shooters
***That one was totally worth it