Ready... Set...

So here we go, 2013 is mere hours away.  I've had my mind stuck in 2013 for months already.  Several times over the past couple months I had to stop and think about what year it actually is because my mind was thinking 2013 and I have even written it as the date a few times.  I have this overwhelming sense that it's going to be a big year.  Not sure why.  Lets hope its for good reasons.

In the last hours of 2012 I plan on doing the same ritual that I did last year: on a sheet of white paper write down all the things I want to be rid of, fold it up, light it on fire, bury the ashes, and finally pour water over the burial.  For anyone who might be interested, there are some great rituals here.

Pushing off from this great little post from Paleo Works, I've decided that once I've completed my ritual, I can let go of the stuff that didn't go right in 2012 and not look back.  Instead I will look at what did go right in 2012 and build on that for 2013.  Instead of looking at what I might want to do differently in 2013, I am looking at what I want to keep the same and building on it.

Hands down, the best thing I did for myself in 2012 (or ever) was doing a Whole30.  So much good came to me from doing this. It changed my life for the better. Much better. In so. many. ways.  And so in order to set the tone for 2013, starting on January 1st I will be embarking on my second Whole30, the biggest Whole30 ever.  (No play-by-play photos this time though.)

Next, exercise has always made me feel great and so I need to bring regular exercise back into my life.  Exercise calms and relaxes me (after it's over, of course).  When my husband's work schedule was changed this year the time slot that I used to exercise disappeared and it really threw me off.  I need to find a new time slot in 2013 and make it happen.

From there I would love to learn how to meditate.  I'm hoping there may be some opportunity to do it after the kids go to bed at night.  By then I'm usually too tired to do much else so as long as meditation doesn't take up too much energy, this could work.  We shall see.  If anyone has any "Meditation for Dummies" resources, please leave a note in the comment section.

There are also going to be big (perhaps difficult) changes in 2013.  This is the year that my first born starts Kindergarten.  I have very some strong maternal feelings in regards to being there to pick my kids up from school and being there for them after school.  In my current situation this wouldn't be possible, which means my current situation needs to change. Right now I am not sure what this will look like or how to make it happen, but it WILL happen.  I have 9 months to get it to work.  Again, I welcome any ideas, suggestions or direction.

These are the main things I'm working on.  There are a few smaller, minor things to happen as well but no point getting too detailed for the sake of this post. (Less doing things I don't want to do for the sake of making/keeping someone else happy, Developing my photography skills, Banning devices from the dinner table... Well there I go listing some of them...)

In summary, the general theme I'm looking at for 2013 is increased inner peace, contentment and happiness.  I will continue to cut away the things, places, actions, people who don't serve me well and I will continue to build on those same things that do.

I'm ending 2012 in a better place than I have for years (if ever). I have never been more true to me or more in touch with myself.  I have never been more content with myself, my body. (That's huge.) I have never had more inner peace nor been so spiritually in tune.

2013 should see more of that which is good.