I'm sorry: How is Tom Bradley NOT in a job?

After a fantastic 8-4 season for Penn State, I find myself still outraged.

For once, it's not about the refs in the Nebraska game, who managed to screw up a touchdown call - even after a replay.

For once, it's not about the NCAA and their four-year bowl ban and 15 scholarship limit, which could still kill the program.

For once, it's not that I didn't get to Beaver Stadium this season (I went for warmer temperatures. Sorry!).

It's about Tom Bradley.

Tom Bradley is hands down one of the best - if not THE BEST - defensive co-ordinators in college football.

Penn State defensively was brilliant in 2000, and although he manfully took over as head coach in 2011 when Paterno left with four games took over, he showed that he's better as a defensive co-ordinator as a leader.

Ask Tamba Hali at Kansas City, NaVorro Bowman at San Franscisco, Paul Posluszny at Jacksonville, Dan Connor and Sean Lee at Dallas, Cameron Wake at Miami.....the list is pretty big of NFL defensive players who have graduated from Penn State - particularly at linebacker - who have gone on to great things in the pros. Matt Mauti and Gerald Hodges will join that group next year, too.

We can't believe Tom Bradley's not been given a try - it's not like he was accused of anything in the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky era, was he?

One well-known college football reporter said to me on Twitter: "I think he'd have to answer some very hard questions, and I'm not sure he can". In other words: "If Tom Bradley gets hired, it could turn into a public relations disaster for ADs, schools and students". In other words, he's screwed without having a chance to defend himself.
  • Bret Bielema at Arkansas should have hired him instead of Chris Ash. Penn State's defences over the years have been better than Ash's. And although the explanation that Ash's defenses led Wisconsin to three Rose Bowls, let's also point this out: Ash's defense was destroyed by Oregon last year, and this year wasn't particularly pleasant watching, either.
  • Auburn should have hired him instead of Charlie Harbison at Clemson, who was co-defensive co-ordinator. Want to know why? We would think that a Tom Bradley-coached defense would have probably dealt with Florida State's running game better than Harbison's did when Clemson was beaten in Tallahassee. He proved his worth against Florida State in January 2006, when Penn State beat FSU in the Orange Bowl in a defensive war.
  • Tennessee should have hired him instead of Alabama's Sal Sunseri, simply because Bradley's got more experience. And Tennessee could really do with that at the moment, Butch Jones.
  • Kentucky could have gotten Bradley instead of DJ Eliot, FSU's defensive ends co-ordinator.

But the big one for me is still Texas. How in God's name is Manny Diaz, Texas' defensive co-ordinator, still in a job? Texas' defense was absolutely rank this year - they failed to make tackles, couldn't stop run or pass particularly well, and seemed more interested with the 'highlight reel' than the 'wrap-up play'. We'd guarantee that with Tom Bradley as the school's defensive co-ordinator this year, Texas could quite easily have been a National Championship contender - not (as usual) one of America's biggest college football letdowns.