A thought on frustration with media and gun control, etc.

I hate it too, guys. This idea that cracking down on guns will fix our problems is naive and the sort of collective guilt that people are heaping on gun owners is dangerous. I'm sure there are plenty of smart things around licensing and background checks that we could do and I'm sure concealed carry would help too. I'm not saying this stuff isn't worth talking about. But I agree that the apocalyptic approach some people are taking is misguided.

But when it comes to the media and politicians: they give you what you want.

Journalists and politicians both feel that they have a code of ethics to serve the public and to serve truth, and that's a useful code for them to feel that they have. It does a lot of good for them to think that's "their job". But ultimately their job is to give you what you want. Stuff doesn't make it on TV if it isn't what people want to be staring at. Stuff doesn't make it in Congress if it doesn't have a constituency.

If you're bothered by the fact that the media is being so single-minded about all this, just realize that they're that way because a lot of the country is single-minded about it. Not that that makes it a good thing, of course. But I feel like people give a lot more agency to the media than they really have.