A few more scenes from the SEC Championship Game

An article was written for Sky Sports by me, relaying the SEC Championship Game and all its glory.

Having said that, I didn't mention some other things that maybe I should have mentioned in the article, but didn't get round to it.

  • 'Big Al', Alabama's mascot, and around 8-10 smoking hot Alabama cheerleaders doing 'snow angels' in the ticker tape after Alabama won victory in the SEC Championship Game. There was no camera, no request to do it, just outright joy. It was a cool thing to see.
  • The Woman Of Our Dreams (as discussed in the article) was tall, blonde, and wearing a knit-dress which was see-through. And cowboy boots. You can imagine the response as she walked past. No wolf whistles. Just words like "My God, did you see that?"
  • The size of the Alabama players - and Jarvis Jones. Yes, I know they are helped by inch-long cleats, but my God, they were imposingly big. The Alabama guys spent a lot of the game afterwards talking to various Georgia players - with most of them going over to see Jarvis Jones, who stayed behind to lap up one of his last college games in a Georgia shirt. Jones remained smiling, not crying.
  • Aaron Murray's face as he came off the field was one of thunder. We didn't think a consoling word from Sky Sports would have made a difference. Now, should he go pro? My instincts say that he'll be a first round quarterback, but from watching a lot of him, he still makes too many errors against good defenses. If he's reading this, go for another year, Aaron!
  • The woman screaming behind the backstage of College Gameday: "Leeeee! Leeeee! Leeeee!" like a banshee almost throughout the show. She was ignored. Her husband failed to find her funny after the first, oh, five minutes. Which meant we got our ears battered for the next, oh, 20. And Lee's only major trip backstage was to hit the head.
  • Chatting about the game with a bunch of frat boys. One of them had marks on his neck, and proudly told us that he'd "been up all night". Didn't think that my reply of: "Was he nice?" was all that funny. His buddies did. Gosh, I could have been a frat boy.
  • Men of Alabama, it is WRONG to use pom-poms/shakers. Just plain wrong. Men of Georgia, it is wrong too. Men of Penn State, you too.
  • Georgia fans staying around to give Jarvis Jones a standing ovation as he came off the field. This was a long way after the game had finished.
  • College Gameday host Chris Fowler telling me that the SEC Championship Game was one of his "five best-ever college football games". And he's been to a few. He's also a Chelsea fan, which is unforgiveable. He was also a little rushed to get his 9.30 plane back to Colorado. He's a CU Buffs fan. 
  • Chatting to Tom Rinaldi about life and sports. He was really, really nice. 
  • To the LSU fan swearing about Nick Saban, let's make this clear: You've won two National Championships under him and you've gone to a National Championship Game. Let's be honest, your life hasn't exactly been heartbreak under him, has it?
  • The 'frat boy swoosh' was clearly in evidence. A lot of it. Frat boys wore polo shirts, jeans, and boots. Sorority girls peroxided up the hair (unless there really is that much blonde), wore short skirts and cowboy boots (especially to hold said shakers). Sorority girls, we know your sorority "hearts Bama/UGA", now. Quite frankly, we don't care.... We're not looking at your sticker.
  • Dear SEC fans, I'm a college football fan, not a SEC fan particularly. I love the SEC because of its points, passion and party. But that's the reason why I love college football, too. Also, I don't care less about the Premier League - especially as my team Queens Park Rangers is *****ing awful!
  • Alabama needs a live elephant as its mascot. 'Big Al' is really not that cool. A big, bull elephant should come, and Nick Saban should ride on top of it. Then stand as the world applauds him. He truly would be the 'Tide King'....