Words of wisdom from Grant McDermott

This is in an exchange on the demographics of Gary Johnson supporters.

Our first instinct, as Western liberals, is to bristle at the notion that this is wisdom. Color-blindness, etc. etc.

But then we remember our Habermas, our Rorty, and our Rawls. We remember that liberal politics is pluralist politics, that we are in dialogue and constructing arrangements among very different sorts of people who see the world in very different ways from each other. Deliberation is our path, not deduction.

In such an environment, I find it very reassuring that people very different from me seem to agree with me on a lot of things. That's not always true, of course. It's never always true. And there ought to be special introspection on the things where the only people who agree with you seem to be a lot like you.

If you look around and all the people nodding their heads when you talk remind you of you, something might be wrong.