Who & What We ARE

It is Election Day, late afternoon and though I have been voting in Presidential Elections since the 1980 Reagan/Carter Election I would say without a doubt, that I find this one most exciting by far though my first vote in the Reagan/Carter Election was very exciting as well....And frankly, my dear blog reading friends...it's the most important election I've ever seen in my opinion as well.

It's not like Presidential Elections aren't ALWAYS important...of course they are but this one seems even more so. I feel like the country's SOUL is at play and at STAKE here. The Obama's...Michelle and the President are both fond of using the phrase or some variation of it: "This is Not who we are" Or "this I what we are all about" Or It's NOT the way we are", etc.

I very much believe this election is about defining just exactly WHO we ARE & what we are all ABOUT." I'll admit that there is part of me that is truly fearful to know the answer...because we might not like what we discover.

I have my Tuesday Bible reading at 6 which I am getting ready for then like millions of people I will come home, eat dinner, make a huge batch of popcorn (My Dad and I are both popcorn addicts) and proceed to stay tied to the TV until some outcome is reach.

I truly LOVE being an American!