Thoughts on non-voters that lean towards proselytization

Huffy, melodramatic, self-righteous non-voters alternate between making me mad and making me laugh. This morning they are making me laugh, which is good for me at least. I mean seriously: can you think of a more petty/comfortably-situated-person-problem to get indignant about than the fact that we peacefully get together every once in a while and figure out the composition of our representative, constitutional, democratic government that's been going strong for well over two centuries - and then we all equally peacefully go about our own business?

Cry me a river, guys. If you think this is the road to serfdom, then you're going to have a lot bitterness in your life.

I strongly prefer the apathetic/not invested non-voter to the huffy, melodramatic, self-righteous non-voter.

And yes, there is a valid asymmetry between you guys and voters that encourage other people to vote. Why is that asymmetry valid? Because it's a good thing that free people get together and decide who will represent them in a self-governing enterprise. You can be non-chalant about it, that's fine. But if you're actively hostile to that of all things, you're being a dumbass.