taken seriously. seriously sane

after the wild ride called october, november assignments bring back the fun of my job, particularly with my favorite assistant, whose mechanical mind can take the problem out of any issue-which there always is. with these assignments, there is no concern over moving subjects like dancers. it's rather static but the joking and goofing around happens during the process, which we have not captured. these men are quite dear to me, actually. this scottish r*te work since 1994 gives me reason to pause, breathe, and enjoy the process one light, one exposure, one person at a time. it's about personal interaction, trust, and technical know-how. what these assignments lack in art, they score high in predictability. these men give me nearly full-reign at this point, questioning nothing i do. being appreciated, being taken seriously, and knowing they can and do rely on me without hesitation is its own reward. and husband keeps me sane. seriously. from the ipad and mark ii: