returning home

what were we thinking? truth be told, we had signed up for a dance conference without the forward thinking of realizing the conference fell on thanksgiving weekend. in san francisco. in union square. we arrived 15 minutes after the tree lighting ceremony ended. this is what it looked like the three blocks we trudged up powell with our luggage to get to the st. francis. (thank you theresa rougeau for the photo)
 i wish i could say our stay was wonderful. the people we accompanied were, for sure. being with bella and caroline plus debbie and the girls was a real treat. and although the hotel was lovely, we simply did not sleep the first night.i was unable to capture any photos the first night with the exception of this one ipad shot: (photo: sarah ryann)it was literally like a train station. too many people.

 the following day i ducked out of an afternoon class to shoot a bit of the environs...
(stair wells were far faster than the elevators)
i don't know how i captured these rooms without swaths of people, but i did. i imagine it is a lovely place to be, when quiet.
(this is more like how it felt)
 my girl, for whom the trip was about. jazz, ballet, hip hop classes back to back in ballrooms.
  (senior room above, junior room below, where bella danced)
 my two girls :)

the (new) room, in the towers, 9 stories higher than room #1.
 ear plugs to ward off the street noise = achieving necessary sleep!
exhausted and fighting a stubborn head cold, we headed back down powell, through crowds with bags, cars, buses and panhandlers, to the underground station.
 and back through the pearly landmark gates of home. ah! is there anything better than returning home?