Reminder on commenting

Anonymous comments here are of consistently lower quality than non-anonymous comments. There's a good reason for that - it's cheap talk.

There's been an uptick in anonymous commenting lately, and it seems like the same person but that's the whole problem. I don't know. Trolls can't be identified.

I try not to be too forceful on this usually, but I'm going to start deleting these comments with extreme prejudice. If it is entirely substantive, and not just substantive but substance that makes a contribution to the discussion you may make it through. But don't count on it. Please use consistent pseudonyms at the very least.

UPDATE: Just to clarify - consistent pseudonyms are absolutely fine and completely understandable. No problem whatsoever with that. Commenting as "anonymous" is the problem. If you comment here regularly (which I suspect some anonymous commenters do), I just want readers to be able to match ideas to commenters.