One of my favorite things to have on a crisp fall morning while everyone else in the house is still asleep...

Cocoa, bourbon, and coffee. It tastes like a bourbon ball - one of my favorite holiday treats.

We have had Kate's twin sister and her fiance, Alex, here all week from Alabama (Auburn University, some of you will be interested in knowing... not economics), and we're going over to the ladies' dad's house tonight for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

And if you're not shopping tomorrow and need something to do, go see Lincoln. I saw it yesterday with Alex and it's an excellent movie. The trailer is below. What's interesting is that it's all about getting the 13th amendment passed, but the trailer really doesn't give you a sense of the conflict involved in that effort at all. It's all about tugging between House Democrats, conservative Republicans, radical Republicans, and the Lincoln administration but you don't pick up on any of that conflict in the trailer, which makes it look like a war movie (except for a couple scenes, it's not).

Surprisingly funny too - Lincoln is one of the funniest characters, as is James Spader's character. That brings me to another thing: it was a great cast. I imagine when Spielberg comes to you and asks if you want to do a movie about Lincoln you don't get many "nos". This is one of those movies where after watching it you're going to have a hard time thinking about Lincoln as being anyone other than Daniel Day-Lewis (just like the guy they cast for the brief appearance of Lee was all wrong simply because he was not Robert Duvall).

OK, this morphed from a coffee post, to a Thanksgiving post, to a Lincoln post. I'll let you see the trailer now.