OK, I have to make at least one more indiscriminate election swipe post

I know you all hate these, but they're bound to end soon, right?

The whole strident non-voting blogging and facebooking thing always struck me as perfect for that "Things White People Like" website. After all, the added-to-the-voting-rolls-in-the-last-hundred-years-both-here-and-abroad community is quite decidedly a community of color. There is a genuine racial dimension to this. When you fought for these rights in your lifetime you're not going to be too sweet on the idea that voting is such a bad thing. I was outside with my neighbor (an older black guy) the weekend before the election when an Obama campaign volunteer walked by and asked if he was voting. He responded like it was the stupidest question in the world, and practically yelled at him "well of course I'm voting!". It's much easier to be non-chalant about the vote if you didn't have to fight for it in the last fifty years.

Anyway, the point is, this stuff about demographics and race isn't just taunting. It really matters if your platform can't garner diverse support. It really matters if rules put disproportionate burdens on certain groups of people. That doesn't mean don't structure voting with rules - but it is something you've got to balance with the benefit of any rule.

Anyway, in the spirit of (to use West's line) "race matters", this introduction was a long way of sharing a funnier take on the problem. Unlearningecon shares the White People Mourning Romney Tumblr.