Just once...

Just once I'd like to see a little less hubris and a little more introspection from people who assume voters are irrational. Maybe that's not the best way to put it, but I'm not sure of a better way. It's not the voter irrationality thing I have a problem with. We all have behavioral tics, people are uninformed and the informed can be unreflective. I'm not denying that.

What I take issue with is when every piece of news - good or bad - confirms your position and never shakes it. Maybe, Judge Napolitano, you have no clue what you're talking about when it comes to the administration's economic policy. Have you considered the possibility that you're wrong and the voters' evaluation of policy and counterfactuals is more sophisticated than "gee the unemployment rate is still high". Where is the sense that you could be wrong?

Oh and by the way, this [UPDATE: i.e. - most policy-relevant discussions of the economy by libertarians] is one of those areas where I honestly have a hard time telling the difference between Republicans and libertarians. Libertarians often seem to think it's Democrats and Republicans that are no different from each other. They often seem completely oblivious as to why so many people see conservatives and libertarians as one and the same. If you put Rush Limbaugh's name at the top of this Napolitano piece, I would have a hard time telling the difference. [UPDATE: see discussion below. This is really wrong of me to say. There's plenty in the Napolitano article Limbaugh wouldnt' claim. Over the last month libertarians have sincerely sounded more like the GOP than they have in the past, but it's certainly not a universal rule]. Libertarian obliviousness to this is not going to help you guys out. It's not random that people associate you with Republicans. This does not happen in a vaccuum.

I think Reason.com is coming off my feed. That's not just a libertarian gripe. Firedoglake is coming down today too. I used to have them there because they bring interesting tidbits of news you don't get anywhere else, but lately they've just been clogging my feed up with a lot of crap. Maybe that's just the election cycle, but since the partisan bickering isn't going to end in the near future I doubt that kind of blogging will either.