Don't KID Yourselves: Appeasement Causes WAR

Earlier there was a debate about the recent goings on in Israel on a friend of mine's FB Page. Many people commented that we should stay out of it, that it has nothing to do with us. I find this opinion, DANGEROUSLY, Pathetically Naive, at BEST and it encourages are enemies to continue to attack and kill Americans and their Friends/Allies whenever and wherever they worst. I love Peace too and wish to God it was possible to co-exist peacefully with Radical Islam, with everyone on the planet...but it takes two to Tango and some people just are not willing to be peaceful. And if that is indeed true, that they are unwilling to be peaceful then as far as I am concerned...we have no choice but to push back, fight and eliminate the ENTIRE threat they pose to world peace, once and for all.

Appeasement does not prevent war, it only delays the inevitable and usually the result is much worse then if we would have confronted the problem at first notice (Hitler in 1936-37 vs waiting for 1939 when the Nazi's Blitzkrieg-ed through Europe). Our indifference and wishful thinking that if we stay out of IT (Israel's current issue) we will have a peaceful world, only emboldens are enemies. They look at any effort to negotiate for peace or settle as the United States and it's Allies being cowardly and week. 

I find it nearly impossible to believe there is anyone left on the planet who believes that radical Islam wants to co-exist peacefully with the West. No Freaking WAY! They want to KILL US, period. They have made that abundantly clear time and time again. They use the time we negotiate to get stronger, bomb more innocent woman and children and sow chaos and confusion, even among their more "moderate people" to create an atmosphere of fear to intimidate the rest of the world. That's right, they use FEAR & VIOLENCE to coerce their very OWN people.

 If we truly want a chance at ever having a peaceful world, then we have no choice but to support Israel and fight them now if it comes to that. This situation going on now is NOTHING like President GW Bush going into Iraq, this situation could easily start a World War if a rogue nation is allowed to acquire or already has any kind of nuclear weapon (say Iran, for example). Sooner or later...they will bring the fight to us, so we may watch blood spilled right here in the streets of mainstream America on LIVE TV. It will happen once again if we choose to` ignore them. It is a harsh reality and I too wish it were not true...but this is the world we live in today.