A Secession Question

So people are rightfully making fun of these modern secessionists.

Here's a question: would you advocate supressing secession by force?

I think I would, if it were declared and didn't go through some constitutional process (i.e. - an amendment that says "the state of Texas shall no longer be governed by this Constitution"). If they just declared it and left I think I would.

It's not that I think secession is un-American. It's thoroughly American. But it's also traitorous and unconstitutional. And in this case it would be a very bad idea that would impose costs on everyone north of Mexico and south of Canada (and north of Canada, for that matter - I didn't forget you guys!). Actually it would probably impose costs on Mexico and Canada too.

The point is, it's traitorous and unconstitutional and clearly does not carry a payoff that makes it worth committing treason and violating the Constitution over. A war over it would be terrible, but I think over the very long run it would be better than letting them go.

If they actually managed to pass a constitutional amendment disolving the Union I'd think it was a dumb idea, but I would consider it legitimate.