A post-Keyesian blog to follow

Called The Case for Concerted Action - HT Hedlund. I'm following it now and will of course share material I find interesting.

Different names for different things proliferate in this community, but this blog offers a name I haven't heard before: "New Cambridge Macroeconomics".

I should walk back from one claim I mad the other day about the post-Keynesian blogosphere: the Sraffian position is indeed well represented. I think of Sraffa as a single interesting but not particularly consequential critique that happened several decades ago, rather than a productive research program, but obviously there are a lot of people who feel differently and they can be found on blogs. So I'll concede that. I do think the general point that PKs are harder to get a sense of than Austrians from the blogosphere holds. That's not a critique of PKs or Austrians, btw - just an observation.