Whole30: Week 4 Summary

At one point this week I wondered What The Shit? when I started having the odd sugar craving.  I never really did crave sugar very much in the beginning.  But after doing some some reading, I see that this is normal and to be expected and so I felt much better.  Also it went away.

After an emotional "situation" at my parents house on Thanksgiving, I walked straight to the fridge and grabbed my lunch leftovers and took a bite.  As I was chewing it, I was totally turned off by the food and had this overwhelming feeling that this was not what my body wanted.  I wasn't hungry for food, I was eating for emotional reasons and I was totally grossed out by it.  I put the food back in the container and back in the fridge.  Sometimes being at my parents house can be like tippy toeing through a field of emotional land mines and I tend to over eat while I'm there (not to mention mom's good cooking).  This time, although I had previously been pre-programmed to go straight for the food when I was upset/stressed, I realized what I was doing and stopped immediately.  This is a huge, HUGE accomplishment

The next day I totally over did it in the exercise department first thing in the morning - especially after the high stress of the previous day.  The day was physically and emotionally tiring and I kept getting little sugar cravings.  My kids were having a bad day as well and all I wanted was to hide out in my bed.  Our house was so tense and stressed it felt like it might explode at any moment.  Normally, I would have eaten through my day, feeling like I "deserved" to "treat" myself because I was struggling.  I did not.

I made this Whole30 compliant coffee creamer (I left out the optional vanilla extract because it contains alcohol) and made a cup of coffee.  I sprinkled the top with a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon for a delicious fall tasting coffee/latte.  I just may be able to drink coffee this way on occasion - definitely still not a daily thing though.

I also made home made mayo.  LOVED it.  You guys, home made mayo is where it's at!  I do not want to go back to store bought mayo, ever.  We had it with our burgers and roasted butternut squash with dinner one night and it was a huge hit!

I feel like I've settled into this lifestyle pretty well. I truly enjoy it for a variety of reasons.  There have been times when I missed this or that but I've been pretty ok with all of it.

I only have a couple more days to go until I've completed 30 days and I'm looking forward to posting about my official results.