Whole30: Week 3 Summary

Already through the third week and feeling great.

Although, I'm not gonna lie: I miss booze.  I don't care what you think of me for saying that either.  I work full time, have a 2 and 3 year old, a house to keep, a husband to keep happy. I need a god damn drink (or more) at the end of the week (or sometimes mid-week) to cope unwind.  I miss that. In that same vein, Fridays have been my somewhat difficult day (previously my favourite day of the week) - come about 1pm on Friday I can get quite a self pity lather going.  I've managed through it with the following thoughts:

  • It's only 30 days, Tara. 4 weekends.  I was pregnant for 10 months, TWICE and managed to survive without booze (granted, I had cheesecake and cheeseburgers to get me through).
  • I can read, watch some PVR'd TV, spend time relaxing instead (no I can't, I have two kids).
  • I will get SO much done around my house instead! Getting things accomplished feels great! (Oh yeah, I'd much rather clean my fucking utensil drawer than drink a bottle of wine - SO much more fun...)
  • It's going to be over soon and it will have all been worth it (it had better be worth it).

I've been running three times a week, but I have yet to find the right way to fuel my body on run days.  I usually get out during the week after Steve gets home from work around 5:30ish - which is just before our dinner.  I have tried a few different snacks but it always seems hit or miss if I feel good through the whole 5km or not.  Often I just get going and feel overwhelmed with fatigue.  It's the shits and it pisses me off which throws me off even more.  I will keep researching and reading about pre-workout snacks/meals and find something that works for me.  I won't give up.  Running makes me feel great, it's convenient and time effective and the runner's high is the only high I'm getting these days.

The start of my Whole30 coincided with the largest beef recall in Canadian history. It absolutely horrifies and disgusts me and made it even more clear how important it is to eat farm raised, sustainable, grass-fed, hormone free meat.  I have found a local butcher that sells grass-fed steaks although they are imported from Australia (Ate those babies last night.  They were to die for!) Coincidentally my mom got a flier in the mail from a farm that sells/delivers farm raised, grass-fed beef.  I looked up their website and found that they are located in my hometown in Northern, BC!  Their prices are reasonable and they do regular deliveries to our area so I am putting in an order for a package of beef.

Last night when I was just about done cooking dinner I realized I hadn't made anything for my kids to eat.  Normally they get something a bit different than us.  Too tired (and too late) to make them anything separate, I fed them the exact same meal that we ate.  Whole30, paleo approved and all.  And well wouldn't you know it... they ate it without complaint (except the mashed cauli) and dare I say they LIKED it!  Score one for me!  Eventually I would like to have my whole family eating the same way as I do, but it's baby steps to get them there....

I have had quite a few thoughts about what's going to happen after 30 days.  Some excitement, some panic.  (Yes, panic). But for now, I just need to stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize.

9 more days to go...