When The RAIN Comes

"Thy fate is the most common fate of all. Into each life some rain must fall." -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I have always really liked the quote above by Longfellow. Now at the age of 50...I not only like it but I KNOW it and have Experienced that it is indeed the truth! Old Henry was a wise old dude.

Funny thing is as I read it the words "some rain" seem to imply: "yea a little rain must and will fall in each life" so I wonder why I've gotten a torrential MONSOON  in my particular life, haha.

All kidding aside, adversity is a normal part of everyone's life...each person will deal with a fair (or what they may feel is an unfair) amount of it in their lifetime. Comes with the territory and frankly, it builds character.

I would have definitely scoffed at that notion a fairly short time ago that dealing with adversity builds character. It just crushed the happiness out of folks is what I believed based on my own experience of rape, addiction and losing a half dozen close friends by the age of 19.

Today I have a much better understanding of life and my expectations are certainly more in-line with reality. I accept difficulty much faster then before and that is the key...Accept it, then work to change it asap. 
That is my working method these days and what is cool is that it does WORK!   

The key for me is not to get discourage when things start to go bad...it is easy to hang one's head and start feeling sorry for yourself. I eventually just got angry and that energy motivated me to rise up against the adversity...I would not allow myself to be a victim to anything or anyone.  That changed my whole attitude and when I started to see that life was going to have it's down days and I had the choice to let it pull me down or I could fight....Taking the fight to adversity empowered me and gave me hope...funny what just a wee bit of HOPE can do!

Good night All...Have a happy (STORMY) Friday, see you down the road.