Thoughts on the debate and my view of the reactions to the debate

1. Romney is actually debating better than Obama. His ideas are still worse, but he's debating better.

2. It's been fascinating to follow tweets and facebook messages from libertarians I know. If I didn't know who they were before reading the tweets I would assume they were all Republicans. I would have expected heat on both sides, but so far I haven't really seen any for Romney. I find that interesting.

3. On the tax and budget arguments earlier in the debate: basically if the Tax Policy Center says something about your tax plan it's going to take a massive pile of detailed evidence to get me to hold any other position on it. Veronique de Rugy frantically linking to the Mercatus Center on Twitter will not do it. Romney's content on the budget and taxes was worthless, but I'm worried that wasn't communicated to voters.

4. A couple shout outs for federalism from Romney. Good to hear. Once was specifically with respect to servics for working families - glad to hear he's pro-Clinton.

5. Early on - in the discussion of how to move the economy - it seemed like all the expansionary policies were supply side policies, and all the contractionary policies were demand side. From both of them. That's extremely disconcerting. Obama is just less bad on this tendency among politicians.

6. Obama had a great opening argument about the role of government with citation of Lincoln, doing those things that we do better together, and clarifying that "that doesn't restrict people's freedom - that enhances it".

7. It's interesting to be there at the birth of a meme (at least I hope Big Bird will turn into one). Usually I catch them further down the line.

8. On the ideas, Obama obviously won. But that was already clear. On the theatrics that the voters will consider, Romney did very well. I think Obama picked up in the last half. That was more of a draw, unfortunately.