The Dust That Settles

so there you are, with a camera around your neck and no tripod because the kids need it to film the day's scenes of the Dust That Settles, a Western short, the current Movie Making Project. screen play is written, characters are cast, roles are decided, location is determined. is it possible to love this loud, joke-cracking, set designing, costume prepping, scar marking, bullet-hole-lacing, boot wearing group any more? oh wait...what about the family that donated 6,500 sq. ft. of living space for this purpose before the demo and reconstruction of this newly purchased danville property? seriously? every day i am reminded why we homeschool: to think outside of the box, to dream big, to DO. and to be with others who share those values.
i love these young people, and the generous families that go with them.
Below: Taco Vega gets prepped before his shootout.
Until I have video editing software that works, stills will have to do. Below: the Dust That Settles cast in the Far Cry Saloon: