Sometimes things work out... even when cruising

Strange things happened today. Things worked out... smoothly.... Let's hope it stays this way. We definately have had a fair amount of things not working out for a while.

We went into town to pick up the new wind generator pole and accessories. First stop was Mail Boxes Ect.. in Bocas. They get stuff here fast from Miami or $7 a pound. Everything we ordered came within a few business days. I was super stoked to find the leak off valve/governer screws at MBE plus a couple books Jennie wanted to read. Then we went to the hardware store where we bought some nice 8 guage copper wire, that was brand new and they had three different colours. This was a bonus. We went to pick up the pole, and it looked good. It took three months to do a 6 hr job, it looked a bit rushed, and the stainless needs to be polished; on the positive note, we will have our wind generator up soon and at half the cost of a one size fits all stock option. A win in our books.

To top things off, when coming back from Dexters walk to the beach we met a native woman and her grandchildren and she offered us some coconut oil. This is the real deal 1 litre for $10, it smells pretty amazing. Jennie is very happy.