Reintroduction to Society: A Post Whole30 Experience

My kids wanted to have a sleepover at Grandma and Papa’s house this past Saturday so I thought it would be a good opportunity to work on Halloween costumes and have a glass or two of wine. This was to be my first encounter with alcohol since starting Whole30, almost a full 5 weeks prior and I was looking forward to it.

Other than trying a bit of sugar in my coffee (which I surprisingly no longer care for) and a mouthful of Kraft Dinner during the week (which was really fucking good), I had yet to really reintroduce anything non-Whole30 compliant to my diet.

So I poured a glass of one of my favourite wines and sat down at the dining room table to work on costumes. Somehow, sadly, the wine did not taste quite as good as I remembered. (Damn you, Whole30!!) It seemed sickly sweet and I had a hard time getting it down, in fact by the time I finished it, it was warm. There’s a first.

Steve then poured me a cold beer in a frosty glass. At first it tasted a bit skunky but I managed to get it down and even had another.

At that point we were hungry and thought we’d treat ourselves to a pub dinner. We walked down the street to the local watering hole and had a couple more beers and some dinner. My dinner was a salad with prawns, scallops, avocado and craisins (gag on the sickly sweet craisins). Overall not a bad choice, considering.

I am not too sure what all happened after that, except that I suddenly found myself ridiculously intoxicated, exhausted to the point that could barely keep my eyes open, and with a strong urge to vomit.

What the shit?

Nothing says class like puking in the pub bathroom. Twice.

And then again when we got home.

The next morning my head felt like it might EXPLODE, I was completely exhausted and I had even more tummy troubles.

My initial reintroduction to society was a huge disaster! Sweet baby Jesus, what the hell happened?? All things considered I thought I took it fairly easy. I mean, compared to some of my past “excursions”, this was a pretty mild night. And I paid a really big price for it. Big. Ouch.

I am now terrified of what will become of me. Am I destined to be the Designated Driver for the rest of my days? Say it isn’t so! I have an extremely low tolerance to drunks when I’m sober, even more when I’m trying to drive! Am I to become a homebody that never leaves the house, or ever stays out past 9pm? Please, no!

In the meantime, me and my big, fat trap suggested we go to a Halloween party at a pub this weekend! I don’t need to tell you that I came up with this idiot plan while I was doing Whole30 and wigging out for a drink and some socialization! No good can come from this.

Has Whole30 ruined my social life forever??  Or is this just a one off and I'll get back at least some of my stamina with a little conditioning?