Mile High Airlines

It's really not very often that Steve and I get out on the town as a couple.  It's a hard gig having two little kids and when one of us manages to break free and get out, the other usually stays home with the kids. It works ok most of the time but it's a challenge to the relationship when we're never actually out having fun together.  There's a lot of stress to manage in our house and all too often he and I are at each other's throats. 

During one particularly "tense" stretch recently (read: during my Whole30), I was looking for something fun for us to do together and I discovered that a Rolling Stones tribute band (that I've seen before and really liked), was playing at a pub the next town over for Halloween.  In over 12 years of being together, Steve and I have never dressed up or gone out for Halloween so I thought it might be a good "team building" experience for he and I to get dressed up as a couple and go out together. 

I almost defeated the whole purpose of this exercise with all the extra work that putting together costumes added to my daily workload. Trips to and from the second hand store, to the craft store, and then late nights with my scissors and hot glue gun made for an extra bitchy and more resentful than usual me!  I considered pulling the chute on the whole thing a few times, but with having involved another couple and their friends, I was in too deep to turn back. 
Our costumes turned out great. So great in fact, that some of the older, regular patrons of the pub couldn't quite wrap their heads around the fact that we were actually in costume.  One older lady reached across her table and put her hand on my arm and told me I looked great. I smiled and thanked her.  She then went on to ask me questions about flying and to tell me about the time she had a 6 hour delay during her flight to Halifax...

Later in the night I was approached by another pub patron who tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I've got to ask, the two of you are the real deal, aren't you?"

I was in character (and a few cocktails deep) so I just played along...: Well, yeah, we are.  

Pub Patron: Yeah I thought so. I can tell.  I used to fly a lot back in the day.  On Ward Air.  So I knew when I saw you guys you were real. What brought you here tonight?

Me:  Oh we're on a layover. We thought we'd stop in here for a drink and some dancing.

Pub Patron:  Well you're both very professional.  I admire that.  You carry yourselves very well.  I guess that comes with the job.  So what airline do you fly for?

Me: Mile High Airlines.

Pub Patron: Oh, is that a new one? I haven't heard of it.

Me: We're a fairly small operation.

Pub Patron: So how long are you here for?

Me: We depart for Yellowknife in the morning.

At one point I felt guilty for being such an asshole but I couldn't stop myself.  I mean, it's a Halloween costume party and parts of our costumes are made of sparkly cardboard and the Captain's buttons are hot glue gunned on his cheap suit.  I was wearing a $9 wig....

We ended up winning prizes for our costumes.  We're now the proud new owners of a new set of beer glasses and two XL Molson Canadian t-shirts.  Makes it all worth while.   

And even thought this is the last known sighting of us before we pulled off our famous *Roberts Disappearing Act, I still felt good enough the next day to pull off a 5.5km run in the morning - for the win. 

Steve and I had a great time together and we made it all the way to almost 7pm before we started bickering over a basket of unfolded laundry the next evening.  I mark this evening as great success.

*Where we sneak off quietly into the night without telling anyone in order to avoid lengthy and messy goodbyes with inoxicated friends.