Funny Farm

I posted yesterday about how turning fifty (becoming an Old Phart is how I think I actually phrased it!) now gives me carte blanche to act the fool here on Shell Shock because people expect nothing less from a doddering old man. Now that I have spent a whole day pondering that thought i realize that the possibilities are ENDLESS for having some real fun with this. 

But then of course reality sets in and the fact of the matter is that for the most part, I am a pretty serious guy by nature. Of course my life experience at times is pretty heavy and painful so that may have something to do with that! I really do have a (rather bizarre) sense of humor but considering the subject matter of some of the posts here on THE SHOCK...well I don't think there is any danger of this turning into a comedy page any time soon..Ha Ha.

But I must admit that I am surprised that I am enjoying the idea of turning fifty as much as I am. Perhaps I've finally grown up or have at least started the process...I know, it's hard to imagine but stranger things have happened.

So I imagine you will see more blog posts related to aging. This house-hold I live in is like a living experiment with two "80-somethings" and myself who will turn 50 on Tuesday. It is incredibly interesting to say the least and has all the juicy ingredients of a private little Funny Farm!

So stay tuned never know what your going to get from this crazy place called Shell Shock Serenade.

PHOTO: Kathy Tomson