50 Years Gone by...

It is late evening, October 16, 2012...50 years after the day I was born. Yea...all the old cliches about "time flying" pretty much DO apply...it seems like only yesterday that I was but a young Lad, so curious, full of HOPE and big ideas and plans. It seems like life did it's utmost to drag, beat and kick the optimism (if not the actual LIFE or at least will to LIVE)out of me yet I can honestly say that at the age of 50 I am certainly NOT a bitter, old man full of self-pity and blame for others.

Sure...life has been terribly difficult at times...and often that was my own fault but I have to say that if I feel anything at this moment, even considering ALL the tragic, terrible painful experience I've had...it would be a very deep sense of GRATITUDE for the life I''ve had, for the relationships that I have been fortunate to share with some incredible people.

No, I am NOT kidding here at all...I am truly happy to be alive and have the opportunity to experience each new day as the gift that it truly was meant too be...if I let it be one.