Whole30: Week 1 Summary

Last Sunday I weighed myself, recorded the number and then put the scales away. I thought I would be relieved to not have to see them for 30 days and to not have the daily pressure of what they are going to say, but at about midweek I thought I had the sensation that maybe my pants were ever so slightly less tight (bloating going away!) and I started fantasizing about the scales and the thought that maybe they just MAY possibly show a lower number and I really wanted to weigh myself (but didn't).  I'm over that now. (I think.)

Even though I was eating breakfast first thing every morning I still kept getting hungry at 10am every day.  I wasn't sure if it was habit (I'm used to eating something at that time) or true hunger (sure felt like hunger). Whole30 discourages snacking between meals so I pushed through to lunch every day and was ok but it didn't feel ideal. In the book, "It Starts With Food" they recommend eating a meal satisfying enough to get you through to the next, so I tweaked my breakfast a bit each day until I found something that worked for me, keeping the 10am snackies at bay yet being hungry when lunch rolled around.

I also stopped snacking after dinner, which is a long time (poor) habit of mine.

For some reason I was really emotional and weepy this week. I cried a lot - which is unusual for me.  I was also edgy and stressed the fuck out. In reading a bit more about the Whole30, part of the process is setting your messed up hormones back into balance so I think part of it was that process happening, part of it was perhaps not being able to stress eat, and part of it may have been "the reason" which started the same day I started Whole30 - talk about a challenging week!

On Wednesday I got an aura migraine and after it was gone I felt tired and groggy and blech with a long, lingering headache.  I was really wanting some *coffee (with cream and sugar) and/or some chocolate to help with that but, no a cup of black tea had to suffice.

I’ve tried a few new foods that I had snubbed before (Butternut squash!!) and also a few different food combinations that I wouldn’t have normally put together and I have been, for the most part, pleasantly surprised with the outcomes. However, you should know that plain, canned tuna does not, NOT pair well AT ALL with apples. At all.

I had originally planned on carrying on as per normal at the gym this week but things were a bit more hectic than I had anticipated and I just couldn't pull off my regular schedule.  I felt guilty for not going to the gym and I don't need any extra guilt so I just decided that it was ok if I gave myself a pass for the week. I did manage to get there on Thursday night even though I felt tired and bitchy.  As always I was glad I went and felt good afterwards.

I hadn't anticipated how much extra cooking would be involved with doing a Whole30, but it seems like my every spare minute is being spent in my tiny kitchen either cooking something or cleaning up afterwards.  Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, constantly cooking.  I don't know why this feels like so much extra work considering we rarely eat out anyways.  Even though I did a bunch of pre-cooking/prepping and cooked extra whenever I could to have leftovers available it still felt like I was constantly slaving in the kitchen. I can't quite figure it out but it wore the shit out of me.

I have had a couple of big ass headaches and also some allergy attacks.  I have resisted taking anything for either. I don't know where Whole30 stands on this but I really would like to be "clean" for 30 days.  Maybe this is a bit silly and taking things too far.  I may reevaluate this if the headaches continue or if the allergies get too bad.

Saturday morning I went for a 5km run - outside. I haven't done that in a long time.  I have been running a 10 minute mile on the treadmill each time I go to the gym before I lift weights but it's not the same.  Being outside, being alone, listening to music, sorting through my thoughts, and pushing through my fatigue felt really good. I realized that I have really missed that. It is something that I really enjoy and I may look at reincorporating it into my life.  It only makes sense to do something that feeds your soul and fits so well into your life.

Steve was 100% compliant and completed an entire Whole5.5 before going to a golf tournament and having a couple of beers.  He had planning on sticking to the plan but it didn't work out.  Yes, I had serious doubts that he would complete this but he was so good during the week that by Friday he had me believing he just might do this.  And it was a bit of a let down.

I have enjoyed taking photos of everything I ate and it sometimes made me think about whether I really wanted something or not (usually a snack).  You can see everything I ate on the "Whole30" tab at the top of this blog.

All in all, I don't find it all that difficult (except for the busting ass in the kitchen and managing stress). I  have really enjoyed the food I've been eating and for the most part and I am not hungry - although I was definitely a little more tired than usual. Part of the Whole30 process is breaking old habits and I can certainly see that happening already.  I have had a few challenges with my kids this week also which added to the stress and fatigue but I never once considered quitting. 

Looking forward to week 2.

*Coffee is allowed in moderation on Whole30 but I do not enjoy it without some sweetener so I have opted to cut it out.  Also, it hurts my tummy a bit if I don't eat something with it - another good reason to cut it out.