Toilet Paper Everywhere and not a place to Poop!

One of the mega yachts here found a hidden stash of toilet paper. Someone in the history of the boat decided to buy 36 rolls of 1-ply toilet paper. One roll was used and they realized mega yachts don't use 1-ply. So Jennie and I graciously accepted the 35 rolls. I spent the morning wrapping them in plastic so they don't get mouldy and are less likely to attract bugs.

We use 1-ply on the boat because you get more usable paper into 1 roll which is a space saver, and if you accidentally drop some paper or have a guest drop some paper into the head. Two ply bunches up and is a pretty good pipe clogger, unfortunately Dave is the de-clogger. To put this much TP into perspective, Jennie and I have used 7 rolls of 1000 sheet per roll 1 ply since leaving mid February, so about 1 roll per month. We now have three and half years worth of toilet paper on the boat... I know what everyone is getting from us for christmas this year.

In addition, our macerator pump arrived and the Bocas Marina Office where it is sitting was closed Saturday when Jennie stopped by. All this toilet paper and no working toilet, to much irony in that one.