Quote of the day: I-think-Gene-Callahan-will-like-this edition

stickman: "Slowly, however, I came to realise that some of "Hayek's" ideas that I liked least were, in fact, better attributed to Mises. And, more recently, I've come to appreciate that some of that which I disliked most about Mises is actually Rothbard."

Mises lovers: feel free to clarify the man for we, the confused and skeptical ones. I want to emphasize that I really am offering an "I dunno" response to Mises. My disposition is skeptical from what I do know, but I know enough to know I don't know all that much.

UPDATE: Potential addendum - and the really awful stuff in Rothbard might actually just be Walter Block.

UPDATE 2: Should that be "us, the confused skeptical ones" or "we, the confused skeptical ones"? I can't decide. The former sounds weird with the second clause, but the latter sounds weird with the first clause.

UPDATE 3: I have now provided three updates before anyone has even clicked through to this link.