Early fall cooking

Anybody have some favorite foods to make? I love fall food. These are a few - not all especially autumnal.

One thing I've been cooking a lot more with is fennel. We had a bunch for this first recipe, which called for it, and I've basically been substituting it in where I'd normally use onions.

Mussels with steamed with garlic, fennel, triple sec, orange rind, and white wine. Garlic herb bread on the side. We are drinking a La Grange winery Chardonnay.

Pork is grilling on cherry plank slathered with apple butter. Apples on the top rack will be brushed with BBQ sauce later. Fennel and carrots are grilling, and corn on top.

The above grilled food - corn chopped off and mixed in with grilled fennel and carrots. Sweet potato fries and salad on the side, grilled apple on the pork. Sam Adams Hazel Brown in the glasses (Kate liked it too much... I had to share).

Julia Child's boeuf bourguinon, with green beans and a biscuit. Had this with Beaujolais, which the beef was also cooked in.