Coming In FOR The STORM...

A crispy critter of an Autumn morning, Coldwater Lake/Iyopawa Island style. It's frosty yet never seems to be as cold as it should be. That's because we are surrounded by the warming effect of the lake water. The entire State of Michigan is like-wise effected by the Great Lakes.

Not really sure how or why I just momentarily turned into a bit of a meteorologist there but hey, I guess these things can happen now with 24 hour Cable Weather...we ALL consider ourselves experts now!

Weather is a strange changer of least among the people I know. I don't recall personally being affected that much by it but when I was it was more toward the positive side then the negative. Winters here in Michigan really get some people down...oddly they tend to be folks who have lived here all their'd think they would be used to it by now but NOPE.

Even my very own Kimmy is that way...she lives for the Sun and is revolted by the cold yet she was born and raised in Holland MI and has lived in the State her entire life. Me...I like change, for the most part...not just in my weather preferences but in life. Don't misunderstand...I like consistency too but I've never really been bothered by change. So I love living in a region where we experience all four seasons distinctly as we do in Michigan.

I think it is most definitely my internal weather that affects me more then anything else...whether I am hot or cold, sunny or raining...INSIDE, that is where my main moods develop and blossom. I have used the term "raining on the inside" frequently and there is a good reason for that: It accurately describes a certain way that I often feel...stormy, wet and grey. How does one "come in from the storm"....when the storm ITSELF is already inside? Good question and I have spent my lifetime, trying to figure it out. When I discover the answer, if I ever do rest assured that i'll let you know all about it...right here!

Painting "Rain Storm, Union Square" By: Childe Hasam