Adjusting again!

I don't know why this is but every time in my life, especially recently.....I try to make some changes in my eating habits, exercise and lifestyle to be healthier I end up get sick. It never fails fails.

About 7 weeks ago I started to make some changes and have stuck with it through my son's wedding up until now. I feel good about it and can honestly say I haven' really had too much of a struggle and I feel better which is always great motivation.

But I am convinced now that my body thrives on un-healthy situations...crowded smoke-filled taverns, drug and alcohol abuse, over-eating...jeez whenever I get healthy I'm running a high fever, have bronchial issues, can't breath and a terrible cough.

I think I just got so used to the toxic state of being that was my norm that my body now rebels at healthy situations...ironic, I know!

Anyway...still trying to get used to the Fall change of schedule and going back to church early Sunday mornings which in all honesty was something I really missed. 

So off we go, we shall have more to say later....