Sun God or Post Writing Excuse...You Choose!

There are many different reasons I write posts for this blog. Sometimes I am venting or EMO-Ving as it were.  EMO-Ving for the uninitiated around here stands for "Emotional Vomiting" or another, more dramatic (and gross) way to say venting. I may have mad some discovery about myself that I wanted to share or I perhaps I just feel the obligation to post something because I consider this a 'daily, real time blog" and real time means just that...tight now.

Those are all cool and legitimate reasons to write a post. Others are I might be following up a comment or previous post or there might be something that just occurred to me that is relevant to where I am at
right at this moment.

Well this post is being written for none of those reasons....nope. I actually decided too sit down and take the time to (attempt) to write a post (no easy task during these days of no sleep). 

The bottom line is I wrote the post so I could use the above picture which I happen to think is really cool! I often feel like I'm carrying the Sun and so for one shining moment this afternoon in a blog post...I am.