One Night

I'm actually going to try and post. The Republican National Convention is on and Mitt Romney is about to accept his Party's nomination and give his acceptance speech.

I love the fact that here in America we get to debate the issues and CHOOSE our leaders. This process is sacred and rare...we are one of the few countries that possesses such a system . I still get excited about the Election Process in our country and that feeling goes back to the first election I remember ever really paying attention to, Ford/Carter in 1976 because I had a Social Studies Class that actually had assignments requiring us to follow along.That was the beginning of my involvement and interest in the political process.

Romney gave an interesting speech and it will be interesting to see how the President responds at the Democratic National Convention.

Well I've just run out of gas so although this is not all I wanted to write about tonight, I have to shut it down. Good Night...