Marina Life

So now that we have had Cypraea at Red Frog Marina, we are starting to see the problem that comes with easy access to the shore, electricity, and security. We are feeling like we are living in a trailer park, the gossip, the drama, the problems we thought we left behind.

First off we are staying in a marina which is fifty cents a foot per month more expensive than the other two marinas, but after add ons it comes to about the same price per month. We are not in easy access to town, but we get a few shuttles in per week. The showers are old and dilapitated and full of bugs, but new ones that have been 4 years in the making should be done in a week or so. New building, no bugs, but not without it's fair price in drama. The real issue with our marina is, why is it half empty and only has 5 boats of livabords while the other marinas are completely full of boats and people. Red frog it seems likes to kick people out and brown nose to super yachts that stay for a day, from a business sense it is stupid, but at least we get a nice quiet marina only a few miles from one of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean. Management is a bit messed and the fact that one of the resort owners was poisoning dogs around the beach restauraunt doesn't help. Dexter loves the fact that he is the only dog in the marina and has access to beach walks everyday. Plus we don't have any neighbours. So as you can see, lots of drama. This usually means it is time to leave, but we have boat projects to work on and parts to wait for. We'll just have to keep our heads down.

So Jennie and I are enjoying the beach and trying to get small projects done. our first order from Florida came in and now we wait for our wind generator mast and new macerator pump. Oh yeah that important pump is on the fritz. Hopefully we get some time inland, and then over to the San Blas once the lightning calms down in October. Our original plans are a bit more up in the air now. Stay tuned and I will try to get a few more posts up, but life is slow right now, which is perfect.