Dexter: an expose

One of our most important crew members deserves a post all about him and what he brings to our trip. No, not me, Dexter! People always talk about having to leave their dog with a friend when they go cruising, this is a horrible idea. Dogs are the best companions on a boat, and Dexter brings a certain personality that is hard not to like.

Dexter has a few important roles on the boat.

-  He diffuses any argument. Boats are small places, and there is no escape from the occasional feud. Nothing stops a spat like a dog running around a marina or barking at something outside at anchor. After he shows up in the companion way wit a huge shit eater grin on his face. Just like the other day here at the marina, Jennie and I were watching a movie with dinner, and we just happened to notice Dexter was missing. He wasn't in the cockpit, then we saw him with all the others in the marina at sundowners, his favourite social occasion of the day. How could he resist so many snacks to eat and laps to crush.

-  Dish cleaner: dishes get washed, but things seriously stick to them and when water is in limited supply it become difficult to clean really messy dishes. Dexter does a prewash and then it is just a quick wipe with soap water and bleach and dishes become effortless.

- Clean floors: at least there is no food on our floors for bugs to get into. Anything hits the deck, Dexter is on it. Sometimes he feels he needs to clean the shelves too. We have had a few loaves of bread go missing more than once.

- The best security force money can buy: no one down hear breaks into boats with dogs on them, especially if the dog is a small vicious sounding pitbull.

He has many other small roles, but these sum up the majority of them. He sleeps all day until it is time to go to the beach or sundowners. Offshore he does his business on the deck in heavy seas without complaint, but he hasn't adjusted to a four point stance so he is a bit wobbly up there.

Another fun thing I`d thought I`d add is comments we frequently get about Dexter:

- Is he dangerous: we try to keep up the persona, but as people take the time to know him they find out he is pretty friendly.
- He is way smaller than I thought: Dex is a bit of a mighty mouse
- Your dog just bit my dog: he plays a little rough
- morte! something to do with killing in Spanish we think....
-What a goof
- Your dog just____!!!

Dexter also has gained a few new habits which include: extreme digging, body surfing, coconut killing, oh and new stressor neighbourhood greetings.

We love our dog and he has been a valuable crew member, but we are convinced he feels it is his mandate to break every rule and piss of all non dog lovers in this world.