All The Difference

I do find myself rather weird cat for the way I get emotional about certain things.  The last couple weeks contain a couple of good examples of that...For instance, I was completely blown off my emotional foundation by the post/picture of the dog of a Cancer victim saying goodbye to his master one last time. That story and image have been seared into my memory and it still really bothers me.

The passing of Neil Armstrong, the first person to ever walk the moon is another example. I was just really affected by his death and I never knew the man. He was a very influential role model to me as a boy...not only did I follow his exploits on TV but I also read countless books and magazine articles that I cut out of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, TIME and NEWSWEEK. I suppose I am just a little surprised at the intensity my reaction to his passing.

Those are some examples of what I mean...I do realize that I am the kind of person that just feels things a bit more intensely then some people is just part of the make-up of who and what I am. And today I can accept that without a hint of hesitation. In the past I would try and hide my true reaction to things because I felt odd or embarrassed about it. I was far too insecure about myself and frankly, I didn't know what I was about anyway. It's different today...I am much more comfortable just being me and boy does THAT make all the difference in the world!

PHOTO: Kathy Tomson