Aileen & Jethro...Broken Heart

I was not always a great fan of FaceBook. No...My first impressions were basically that it was a massive waste of time. But I have since discovered many positive things about it and actually give FB some credit for helping me break the chains of isolation. But that is not what I am writing about tonight and I'll leave THAT great story for another time.

Early this morning had a post come across that literally took my breath away and proceeded to break my heart. It was a picture (Above) of a woman and we know this only because we are told. She is so ravaged by illness (Cancer) that it's impossible to know by looking at her.

The woman is lying in a bed at Hospice and her Dog is half on the bed licking her face. We find out through the text of the story that the woman's name is Aileen and that is her dog Jethro. He is saying goodbye to her because within minutes after this photo was taken by her broken hearted brother Miles, Aileen dies after a long, tough fight against the Breast Cancer that eventually killed her.

The author of this post is Mile's girlfriend Xeni, who goes on to explain that Miles and Aileen both lost their mother a few weeks after finding out that Xeni too has Breast Cancer as well. 

The stark hard facts of reality in this scenario leave very little room for HOPE when it comes to this HORRIBLE disease...I was stunned by the implications I saw in this post....potentially the 3 woman closest to Miles (Mother, Sister, Girlfriend) dead in the very prime of their lives thanks to that Angel of DEATH called CANCER. Aileen, whose hand is pictured above in the hands of her brother Miles.....was only 46 years old.