Making sense of the Penn State scandal...

The reason why you haven't heard from this blog about the Penn State sanctions is that we didn't know what to think.

Firstly, the NCAA should NOT have made the decision without consulting the families of those who were raped by Jerry Sandusky. To be 'judge and jury' reminded us an awful lot of the judge character in the new Batman movie, who offers 'the guilty' death o exile as a choice of what sentence to accept - none of which are very nice. So, Mark Emmert's got a role in a new movie.

'Victim 4' 's lawyer told WGAL News: "The victims were not Penn State or the NCAA, the victims were the young men who testified in the courtroom and I think NCAA and Penn State owed it to them to at least consult with them before rendering a decision. I think you at least owe it to these young men to hear what their positions are regarding Joe Paterno and the statue, regarding whether Penn State should be sanctioned from participating in athletic events. Instead Penn State and the NCAA took it in their own hands to play the role of judge and jury in this case without hearing from what could be construed as critical witnesses."

He added that Victim 4 'loved Penn State Football'. Yes, it's OK to still love a program despite what's happened to you, people.

Anyway, some other points:

1) We think this was the 'death penalty' without the death penalty. Penn State is going to get screwed without the bowl game money and TV money, as well as the lack of media attention after September. People will be referring to it as the 'The School That Was Penn State' rather than 'Linebacker U' or anything cool like that.

2) Joe Paterno should have done more. He said that before he died, and that is evident from the Freeh Report too. We wish Mr Freeh had had the time to interview Paterno. The taking away of the wins as well as the Big Ten titles as well the statue makes complete sense to us - you had to punish Paterno - so why not the whole time from 1998 to 2011? We only wish that he HAD reported things in 1998, which means that Sandusky would have been rotting in a jail before the millennium turned.

3) This brings us to thinking that the NCAA has now opened a Pandora's Box. But we still have some pre-Pandora questions. For an organisation so effective on Penn State, how come they waited ages and ages and ages after the murder and cover-up in Baylor's basketball team? Why did they simply follow the school and add a kick of their own, instead of being active from the start? And a Pandora-for-the-future: What's going to happen to Montana with the gang rapes and cover-ups? And on a lesser note, will the University of Miami football?

4) Penn State is going to suffer, and suffer badly. Silas Redd, the school's premier running back, is going to transfer. He's not 'waiting to see', he's waiting for the best offer - and we believe that he'll go to USC. Why? He might win a National Championship at USC, and get national exposure over and over again. And good luck to him. Khair Fortt is also being 'recruited', and we hope he'll go to the University of Georgia. Him and Bacarri Rambo could be quite a good pairing in the 'D' for the Dawgs...when Rambo gets out of his own trouble. Oh, and the scholarships? Penn State is going to get savaged by the recruitment vultures, and there's going to be a lot of blood in the water. Penn State will only recover in 2015....maybe.