Grain Free: Progress Report

I said I would cut out beer and so far I have.  Surprisingly it hasn't been all that difficult. When it comes right down to it, I just don't want it.  I have had a few glasses of wine here and there (I am only human and willing to give up so much).

I'm not sure what to call that which I am doing. Paleo?  Primal? Grain Free?  I guess I'm more Grain Free than Paleo because true Paleo is dairy free and although I don't drink milk or eat yogurt, I do still eat cheese and occasionally sour cream. Still, I feel like I identify with the Paleo "community".

Why I have to have a label for it, I don't know. I feel like maybe that's because eating this way is so totally unconventional and non traditional and VERY difficult for a LOT of people to wrap their heads around.  I have been seriously grilled about it.  Grilled and questioned and doubted and eyebrow raised (and probably eyeball rolled).  I find it a little bit frustrating that people can't just be OK with me eating what I have decided to eat (or not eat) - although I'm more than happy to discuss it with people who are truly interested in what I'm doing as opposed to challenging me just because they've never heard of such a thing before. I recently mentioned that I didn't want a potato (but wanted a whole T-bone steak) at a family dinner and well didn't that just open up some floodgates. But if I'd said something like, "I'm on Weight Watchers" or even, "I've decided to become a vegetarian" nobody would bat an eye.

For the most part, I truly do enjoy this lifestyle. I am still in the early stages of it and am interested in  every bit of information that I can get.  Shannon warned me when I started reading Wheat Belly, "Be careful what you read.  You can't unlearn some things."  What she meant was that you can get pretty deep into this.  There are some serious extremists and I feel like it could be easy to become that if you had the ways and the means (which I do not).  After Wheat Belly I read "The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf.  I read the damn thing in less than a week. Besides enjoying the way he wrote it, the information in it was so interesting to me I wanted to absorb it all as fast as I could and implement it into my lifestyle.

In the week that I cut out beer (2 weeks after I started cutting out grains) I lost 3lbs and it continued to drop through this week.  I feel like my body is leaner (love handles diminishing) but it could all be in my head. Is it also possible that my skin looks healthier and my mental health has been really great?  Could also be in my head I suppose.  Even if it is, who cares?  I feel good.

I wish I had taken some before pics on the day I started reading Wheat Belly but I didn't. I took a set of them today though.  Obviously I can not post them unless/until I have some really great "after" pics.

The biggest benefit I have noticed is my decreased appetite.  I no longer have that constant cycle of needing to eat something every 2 hours.  I no longer NEED a snack in the evenings (although I will sometimes have a small square of 85% dark chocolate for a treat).  For example, on Friday I had a cup of coffee with CREAM in the morning.  I then had a couple of scrambled eggs with some steak strips, avocado and cherry tomatoes at 10am (which was delicious!!).  I didn't feel the need to eat again until 4pm when I had a slice of cheese and a handful of nuts.  Then I just picked for dinner.  And I didn't get crazy, bitchy, starving, psycho hungry like I would have if I had been eating grains.  It blew my mind.  This alone contributes to a better mental state.

Oddly enough, I have cut way back on my running since changing to this style of eating - and that feels OK.  I just don't feel like running as much.  It's also harder to run without the carbs - one tends to run out of gas sooner.  Instead, I have loved taking my kids for walks in their strollers and finding hills to climb and seeing how far I can trick everyone into going together as a family (our record is 5km but Steve was crying about sore feet).  I still do a bit of running but I have been doing more of a run/walk combo now.  I've also been trying to lift the kids more and hold them up more. My body and my muscles feel like they like that.

I have also feel more "instinctual". OK, I know... Here's where the eye rolling comes in and you click away. Seriously though. I feel more in tune with myself and what my body likes and wants.  I can't really describe it better than that. Maybe in another post sometime.

For now, I am enjoying eating and living this way and have no desire to go back.  I find living this way to be relatively easy - certainly much easier than I thought it would be.  (Besides having to defend and explain my choices.)

Here's dinner for tonight.  Pork loin, slathered in Dijon mustard, covered in sliced apples then baked in the oven.  Once cooked, it's pulled apart and mixed with the cooked apples.  Served with a  couple sides of various veggies.  Mouth watering already...