Snoozing...THE Hot And Dry ONE

Dearest Readers, I have a confession to make. Because of my ongoing "issues" related to sleep, my sleep vs awake time is somewhat confused....what that means is I am not really getting any sleep at night. So by 3am I usually "bag it" and just start my day.  That means coffee, paper, blog, walk, then golf at 6a. Home to do yard-work and other chores and grab a bit of (early) lunch around 11a. Than somewhere between 11a and 1p I usually try to lay down. 

The last couple days I have managed to fall asleep from around 1p to 2:30p or so and when I awaken....I have no clue where I even am. This afternoon I've been awake for nearly an hour, raked seaweed off the beach, did a few other things, got a cup 'o coffee and I still feel like I have been hit up-side the head with a bowling ball or something!

I don't know what it is but when I sleep at night, I have no trouble waking up and swing immediately into action. When I nap in the afternoon...I am completely BRAIN-DEAD for nearly 2 hours before the cob webs even start to's almost dangerous, my being so out-of-it.
Oh well, it must be this way I guess, if I am to get any sleep at all. And in reality it isn't bad just a bit weird sleeping an hour or two every afternoon. There is no doubting that I need the sleep because I feel so much better when I wake up....key word there being WHEN...I wake-up. 

I have mentioned before that there are certain "vibes" you get when you live in a resort area like this. There are not a lot of people here yet for the weekend/4th of July Week/Vacation....but honestly you can FEEL IT IN THE AIR: They Are Coming! 
Because the 4th falls mid-week it creates an interesting scenario for a lot of people. Last weekend there weren't that many people here and the weather was great. It isn't unusual for the weekend before a holiday week to be slow and we were definitely SLOW. What that tells me is we are going to get OVER-RUN with people this weekend and they are going to be here for the entire week.

I told Marty at the Golf Course this morning that it should be a great week for golf...we are not really expecting rain. The only issue is that it is going to be in close to a 100 degrees tomorrow and we are expecting like 8 consecutive days with the temps                                  in the 90's. It has been incredibly hot and dry already and the forecast calls for more of the same.

I know...thank good for air-conditioning...except I live with a very opinionated fellow who HATES having the Air Conditioning on because he always gets cold. That fellow would be my father...

More on the A/C WARS in my next post so please stay tuned...