Highway To Hell: Why The New CFB Play-Off Isn't Going To End Nicely

We are going to have a play-off in College Football. We should all celebrate, right?

The powers-that-be approved a four-team College Football format, starting in 2014 and running through to 2025, with the National Championship Game happening on January 12th, 2015. 

The six BCS bowls will - on rotation - make up the semi-final places, which means that Jim Delany and Larry Scott have their way, and the Rose Bowl will still be exceptionally important. 

We don't get our way about a Selection Committee- it's not going to be decided by computers, it's going to be decided by people. And according to tweets from the press conference, the number of Committee members will be in the 4-15 range. 

Also, there's some thinking that the Committee will also decide the other BCS Bowls, and we'd like to think that'll happen, because it makes sense.

Here are the four things that will decide who's going to be in the play-offs:

1) Win-Loss Record
2) Strength of Schedule
3) Head-To-Head
4) If Team is Conference Champion

For us, this means that we can say 'adios' to what College Football - and all the fans who pay thousands of dollars to sit and stand on metal benches during the Fall - needs: great non-conference schedule games.

Why? Because they will be so scared to make a mistake in a non-conference game (ie it will damage their W-L record) that big-time teams won't bother scheduling anyone any good. Sure, they'll play more road games. But they'll be on the road to Cornell, Georgia Southern and Penn instead of being at home. 

Remember this: The Path To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions. And we've just stepped on the first cobble on the highway.