Double D's Bachelor Pad

Dex and I are now a couple of bachelors of the sort, passing our days at the marina. We were finally settling in here at Red Frog Marina, where we met a ton of nice people who are a pleasure to hang out with when Jennie had to leave to go back to Vancouver. I could see she was disappointed. Now Dexter and I are living in a hot mess, and by that I mean Cypraea.

 Dexter Practices his "smiling" trick
Maintenance Relocation

One major accomplishment was putting up a couple tarps, now when it rains I can leave the hatches open and the boat gets rather frigid. By frigid I mean 25 degrees Celsius, which means time to put in a shirt.

I did some adventuring under the quarter berth to revive the third battery. I think the overheating, of the third battery, I did a few months back had the effect as an equalization. It took a charge without any sulphuric stream emitting from the vents. We are now back at 675 amp hrs, sweet. I will leave it with a trickle charge for a month and a half and hopefully it won't act up again. In my travels to the nether regions deep in the quarter berth I found tons of lost treasure. There I found: a spare high output alternator, a spare raw water pump, a full rebuild gasket kit for the engine, a rebuild kit for the head, plus a bunch of other little treats. A discovery for the record books!

 Location of lost treasures

Dex and I have been passing the time puttering away on the boat and walking to the beach. Red Frog is a much better suited venue for us than Bocas town. Dexter gets lots of shore leave, and is making friends with everyone here at the marina. So far all is well, and the crew hasn't mutinied...yet. 

I will update you guys on Jennie's flight back as soon as I get the details, it sounds like she got the third degree trying to get back into Canada from a border guard who probably isn't even a citizen yet... so I guess Canada is just as messed as the US when if comes to normal law abiding folks crossing the border.