Big XII TV Network: The Revolution Will Be Televised

On Wednesday the SEC made it known that they were calling their new network: 'Project X'.

By Thursday the guys at Red Cup Rebellion had made us pee with laughter by creating their own schedule.

Now as the Big Ten and Pac-12 have their own TVs (although we've been issued with their schedules), we thought it was mighty important to show you Big XII TV, and what goes on there, before they feel all left out.

So here you go: 

Pretty Woman - The art of selling oneself to gals from Florida, Texas, South Carolina and Indiana and going from ugly to good-looking in the space of a year.

The T. Boone Pickens Hour - Oklahoma State's favorite octagenarian billionaire remembers (or tries to remember) the war...with paddles, against Oklahoma. 

Don't Mess With Texas (aka "We are Amazing") - The University of Texas tells you what's great about Austin, the co-eds and some of the sports. And in a piece of defense that Perry Mason himself would be proud of, UT backs The Longhorn Network. 

Friday Night Lights - Paul Rhoads explains to us why he is so damned proud of Iowa State. 

Big Game Bob - Bob Stoops takes you through the big games of his Oklahoma career, and looks mighty annoyed when you mention Texas Tech, or recent National Championship Games. He'll also try and answer you - straight - why on earth he gave his brother a job when no-one else would.

Wacky Waco - A lovely look at the history of our favorite Southern Baptist town, from David Koresh to Carlton Dotson. 

The Only Good Season We Had - Robert Griffin III takes us through Baylor's 2011 college football season, and why there won't be another like it. And why there's a church to him being built, and people are tasting Kool-Aid.

Beauty And The Beast - We look at the burnt orange and maroon fanbases of the Red River Rivalry, and wonder why Oklahoma felt all the need to take all the ugly fans. 

Angelic Texas - Another look into the Heaven That Is Austin, with St Mack Brown hosting a tour through such lovely places as Dallas, Houston, and, er, Permian.

Special K - Kansas and Kansas State fans put you to sleep with a scenic drive through their state. Which is full of, er, wheat. We stop the camera to work out if it's a really big-but-not-bigger-than-he-was-thanks-to-the-gastric-band cow having something to eat at the side of the road, or Charlie Weis (harsh?).