A Change In Policy

Ever since I began writing Shell Shock Serenade I have had sort of an unwritten policy that I would not re-post things I'd written before. It just seemed like a cop out to me to not have to be creative and write something new. Especially since the premise of this blog was to capture in real time what ever was happening in the life of a recovering addict/alcoholic and rape survivor. The very nature of this kind of work seemed to cry out and demand new posts...not just re-hashing the old stuff.

Interestingly, I have rarely ever had trouble finding something to write  about...on the contrary, it flows out of me fairly easily. But once in awhile, I would see the names of older posts pop up in the trend lines of the blog dashboard and re-read them. And they were pretty dang good if I should say so myself. I also noticed yesterday that a couple of these older works were completely relevant to what is happening with me at this very moment. 

So for those reasons: They were pretty good posts when they were originally written and they are currently relevant...I have decided to bring them back and re-post them. The response to them have been very good. I have a few more in mind that you will see in the near future but I will still keep pumping out new posts just like I always have.

The basic blog is not going to change...there will just be a few re-posts, that's all. My wish is that by loosening up my rules a bit this will enhance the blog, not detract from it. Let's face it...I have written nearly 1,400 posts...all original...so there is a lot of stuff there I'd like to share again. I'm proud of my work, I think it effectively tells my story and I want new readers to be exposed to some of that work and this is a great way to do it.

So that's it...long time readers will notice only because it is something I had never done before. Let me know what you think....