Why Is College Football Taking So Much Time Over a Play-Off Decision?

In Hollywood this weekend the superpowers of college football are getting together to discuss whether college football should have a four game play-off, starting in 2004.

It seems inevitable that that will happen, because everyone wants it and the Joke Known As The BCS needs to do something, especially with what happened with the Fiesta Bowl scandal.

The big stumbling blocks are all green.

Green 1: The play-off gods don't want there to be a home field advantage. They'd prefer to play them at 'Neutral Field Sites', citing - absurdly - hotel rooms.  "What happens if TCU finishes No. 2 in the country and hosts a semifinal game?" the source said. "TCU finished No. 3 two years ago. Are they really hosting No. 3 Ohio State in a 45,000-seat stadium? Where are people going to stay if Oregon hosts a semifinal game? In Portland?"

Of course, this is one of the stupider remarks in this whole bunch of stupid remarks, because TCU's based in the Dallas Fort-Worth area (over 6m population and a crap load of hotels - remember this place hosted the Super Bowl in 2010), which makes this 'source' seem like an idiot.

And while the VFA can understand where the guy is coming from, we certainly don't agree. If you are the top team in the country, you've earned the right to play the fourth team in the country at your place. Why SHOULD you go to a NFL stadium to play? Oh, because the BCS can then charge a gargantuan amount for game seats and price the proper fans out of the game (or is that just us being cynical?).

Green 2: The Rose Bowl organisers want to make sure the Rose Bowl's involved and not 'forgotten' in the place of one of the semi-finals. Can we suggest that the major BCS Bowls host the final - which should make the Rose Bowl happy? And of course, there can be a college football game there on Jan 1 or Jan 2nd (or one when the final is) involving the Pac-12 and Big 10 Champions - if they aren't on the Top Four. The Rose Bowl wants to get its dollars worth - and it doesn't mind ruining the party for everyone else to try and maintain this.

Green 3: The whole situation is making everyone sick. Get on with it, people.