Tonight, our Footballers Become Fantasy Players...

Tonight's the night when you take a deep breath, wipe a tear from your eye, and realise that your boys are about to get all growed up.

This weekend, the boys who were worshipped for three to four years between the hedges, under the horseshoe, surrounded by the white, blue, maize and green and celebrated like gods (but not paid like them, mind!) become walking advertising hoardings for 32 teams....and Nike.

I still can't understand why the draft is so big. It's simply a lot of guys in the room making an announcement. Of course, there will be Jets fans booing in the room. Of course, there will be other sets of fans cheering. Of course, Vegas will be betting. But really, who cares?

The guys who support their teams will care. After all, they've paid enough into their teams' future NOT to care. They've bought the season tickets, the NFL tickets, the merchandise and wasted enough time talking endlessly about Ryan Tannehill is going to be bigger for their team that Jesus.

Those who like to gamble will care. A lot. After all, the NFL's worth a lot of money to those types of people. They don't have a team, but they bet a crap load on the outcome. The college football bettors will probably also care - but no so much -  they are more interested with Mike Gundy's announcement that freshman Wes Lunt's getting the Cowboys starting QB job than who's going to the Ravens.

But the biggest guys are the guys who spend all the time on their sofa and never tire of it. They are the guys who become know-it-alls and check team news way, way, waaaaay too much. These guys are the fantasy guys. For their future with all the other boys in the cubicle on the office or the street on the Information Superhighway, this matters. Bragging rights matter*.

* For the record, we've played our share of fantasy sports. We were involved in a baseball league (not this year), a fantasy college football league (match-ups and a great ESPN fantasy football game when you can pick any player and see how they perform (it didn't go so well after Week 2), and for one season only, a NFL game.