the birds they say
the break of day
start again i hear them say
it's so hard to just walk away

the birds they sing
all a choir
start again a little higher
it's a spark in a sea of grey

the sky is blue
dreamed of light til it's true
then take it back the pause shall through
my arms turn wings
all those clumsy things
send me up to the wonderful world
and then i'm up with the birds

5 hours in january i spent reserving our seats for this april 28 coldpl*y concert. 18,000 people. sold out....four seats, in a row...up high and to stage right. but being there was enough. being present in the midst of energy and musicality, raw talent and phenomenal stage presence, with three of my favorite people. so thankful we made it happen. so grateful for the memories. my first concert holds a special place. i hope this one did too, for them. 
lasers. confetti. painted pianos. drum pads and reverberation. thousands of voices rising in unison. magical din. 
acapella all the way home. 
i have not stop singing...

photo credits: drew falabella, arcaneartist