Is Ryan Tannehill REALLY a Top 10 Draft Pick?

Texas A&M has an amazing fanbase. For years, they've struggled through thick and thin (mostly thin), pretty consistently living in their most hated rival's shadow (heck, even on the final game of the storied rivalry they managed to lose in heartbreaking fashion), and generally been thought of one of the lovely - but nevertheless distinctly non-elite - part of the Big XII.

The rabid fanbase is going to be the conference with the most rabid of rabid fanbases - the SEC.

They are widely expected to finish fifth in their class in the SEC West, and could well finish even worse than that (we think they'll beat Mississippi State and Ole Miss, but lose to Bama, Auburn, LSU and their 'new' rival, Arkansas).

Leaving them is the best quarterback they've seen in years - Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill leaves with a lot of nice things to say about him. He threw for 3,744 yards and 29 touchdowns for the Aggies in a season where the offense promised and delivered much but the defence delivered nothing game in, game out.

Some of this performances were indeed impressive, highlighted by a 415 yard, 6 touchdown explosion against Baylor. Heck, he threw 379 yards and 2 touchdowns on 'The Sharks' (Oklahoma's 'famed' secondary), which was pretty good.

But despite having Cyrus Gray, the A&M offense was BUILT for Tannehill. Tannehill had a completion rate of 61% (327 completion for 521 attempts), a quarterback rating of 133.2, mostly because Texas A&M couldn't stop anybody for prolonged periods of time, meaning that he was seemingly always in the huddle.

But analyse this: Tannehill also had 15 interceptions. Hey - that's not bad for a college quarterback, but NINE of them were in A&M's biggest games - Texas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. The Aggies, who were at home for 2 out of 3 of those games, went 0-3 in the process. And particularly in the Texas game, Tannehill looked at sea against better defenses.

And as the NFL Network said in their article- there are too many question marks for him to be in a Top 10 pick. Jeez, for me there are too many question marks for Ryan Tannehill to be a Top 20 one.

For me, Tannehill's not experienced enough (2011 was his first full season (he came into the throes in the KU win in 2010, which was midway through the season) behind the huddle. He's not the world's best leader (great leaders get their teams over humps like the game against Oklahoma State and Texas) - and can he really command the respect in the locker room?

And the last thing is about his arm. While people think it's 'nearly elite', my argument is that there are better QBs out there: And one of them's Brandon Weeden, the best quarterback to come out of Oklahoma State for years.

NFL scouts seem to think that the fact that Weeden's five years older than the other kids coming out (he spent a rather fruitless time trying to become a MLB player), means he'll have be too long in the tooth to have too longer shelf life. For me, that's experience, and a good QB with a great arm (which Weeden owns - he broke every passing record at Oklahoma State last year) can survive until he's mid-30s  - at least. Sure, there might be a kink in Weeden's delivery, but time spent with a coach and a team of good safeties can sort them out.

Seriously NFL coaches: take Weeden, not Tannehill.

Here's Weeden's highlights....